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Junior League

Junior league objective-Teach the basic fundamentals of the game.

  • Games are Tuesdays/Thursdays
  • Age 7 and 8
  • No scores or standings/player rotation
  • Pitching machine hitting - (6) pitches with (6) swing strikeout
  • (2) coaches on the field
  • (3) outs per inning, no umpires

1) All games will start promptly at 6:30 p.m. unless otherwise stated.
2) Regulation Game consists of six innings, or a 1 hour 45 minute time limit. No inning will be started after 8:15 P.M., unless extended for a maximum of one inning because of tie score.
3) All games will be cancelled / postponed if lightning is seen.
4) Only the player in the "on deck circle" shall be allowed to swing a bat.
5) Each team will field ten players. Four of which must play the outfield.
     a) Players must be rotated. No player shall play the infield or outfield for more that two consecutive innings. The catcher will not be counted as a position in the infield or outfield for this purpose.
     b) Each coach must present the opposing coach with a line up, including field positions along with player’s number before the start of each game.
     c) No player may sit out more than once before the rest of the team has sat out once.
     d) Outfields must be positioned 20 feet back of the baselines.
6) All players shall bat in rotation.
7) Base length 60 feet.
8) Pitchers mound 46 feet. This is the distance the pitcher must play his field position.
9) The pitching machine will be used the entire season.
     a) The pitching machine speed will be set approximately at: 36 – Digital; 40 - Analog.
     b) A coach from the offensive team will place the ball into the machine.
     c) The batter will be allowed 6 swings (A foul ball on the sixth pitch allows the batter to continue to hit until he gets on base or makes an out).
     d) All batting helmets shall be caged.
10) The pitching circle will be used. This circle will consist of a 6-FT radius from the pitching machine.
     a) The pitcher cannot stand within the circle when the ball is pitched.
     b) Once the ball is in the circle the ball is dead and the runners will not be allowed to advance.
     c) If the ball hits the pitching machine or adult, the ball is dead and the batter and runners advance one base.
11) The pitcher must wear a helmet at all times when on the defensive playing field
12) No umpire will officiate.
13) Score may be kept, but no standing will be kept.
14) Each team gets three outs or once through the batting order, whichever comes first. Both teams will have an equal number of batters. If the teams do not have an equal number of players then the teams will bat to the higher number of players.
15) If a batter throws his bat the team will be given one warning. If it happens any time after the warning, the batter will be called out. All base runners will return to their original base.
16) There will be no stealing or leading off.
17) An extra base will not be awarded for an overthrow.
18) Outfielders cannot make an unassisted Put-Out at a base. (The intention is to teach outfielders to play their position.)
19) Once ball is in infield no runner may advance more than the base he/she was proceeding to.
20) If a base runner is hit by a batted ball, and is not standing on a base, he/she will be called out.
21) A maximum of two defensive coaches will be allowed to coach their player from behind the outfielder position. No adult may field the ball.
22) Bunting will not be allowed.
23) Guide Lines for Base Advancement: If ball is hit as a grounder and rolls through infield, the runner should be held to a single; if ball is hit to outfielder, runner cannot advance past 2nd base; if ball is hit clearly past outfielders without chance of catching it, the runner may advance as many bases as attainable.
24) Sliding into first base will not be taught or encouraged.
25) A runner must avoid collision when a play is being made at a base. The runner will be out if he/she fails to do so.
26) The infield fly rule will not be used.
27) On overthrows to any base, (either in the field of play or out of bounds) the runner may not advance beyond the base they we proceeding to.
28) The final batter rule will be in place. When the last batter of the inning is at bat the opposing team must be informed. When the last batter comes up to bat there is automatically two outs before he/she hits. The inning will end when one of the following occurs:
     a) The batter strikes out.
     b) The batter hits into an out.
     c) A base runner is tagged or forced out.
     d) When the ball is hit and returned to the infield
29) Any and all chatter must be of the positive nature. No negative chatter will be tolerated.
30) If an offensive player helmet is removed or falls off before being in dead ball territory, time will be called immediately. The batter-runner or runner(s) in question will be called out and all offensive players will return to last base legally occupied.
31) If batter bats out of turn, place batter in the next batting position.

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