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Pee Wee League

Pee Wee League will be implemented at a very basic instructional level. Emphasis will be on teaching the basic fundamentals of the game.

  • Games are Monday/Wednesday
  • Games Start at 6:00 and 7:00
  • Ages 5 and 6
  • No scores or standings
  • Tee/Coach pitch hitting
  • Coaches on the field
  • No outs or Empires


  1. Base Length is 60 feet
  2. Game Length 2 innings or 60 minutes.
  3. Pitcher must wear batting helmets
  4. All offensive players on the field must wear helmets at all times.
  5. Each batter has the option of hitting the ball off the tee or having a coach pitch to him/her.   The coach from the offensive team will pitch to his own batter at a distance of roughly 20 feet.
  6. Each player will be pitched six (6) pitches; if after the sixth pitch the batter has not gotten a hit, he/she will then have to hit the ball off the batting tee for this turn at bat.
  7. An inning will end when each team has gone through the batting roster, not three outs.
  8. Adult pitchers may not field the ball. If the ball hits the adult pitcher it will be a live ball.
  9. Three defensive coaches are allowed to coach the defensive team. These coaches must be stationed in the outfield.
  10. All games will start promptly at 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise stated.    
  11. No score will be kept.
  12. No offensive player will be called out.
  13. Each team will field all players, with the opportunity to play various positions.
  14. No catchers are allowed. Offensive team coach will field the ball off the backstop and return it to the offensive coach pitching the ball or to the tee.
  15. Maximum number of player allowed in infield is six (Pitcher, first, second, third basemen, shortstop and player standing on second base). All other players must be on the grass playing the outfield
  16. Only the batter and the player in the "on-deck circle" may be swinging a bat. This rule must be absolutely followed to avoid the possibility of a serious injury.
  17. All players will bat in rotation.
  18. No bunting will be allowed. A batted ball must travel at least 6 feet on the infield to be in play. If the ball does not travel 6 feet it will be considered foul even if it comes to rest in fair territory.
  19. No base stealing or lead offs will be allowed. No base will be allowed on an overthrow. Once the ball has been thrown to the infield from the outfield the runner will remain on base.
The Pee Wee division does not have an All Star game.
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